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Files for knives? Answered

Hey, i am kind of a novice when working with knives, i hope to learn more, but, can someone tell me if i can get my knife honed on a regular file without ruining it? it is already edged, i just need to make it a bit sharper because it ha gotten dull.It is a Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops just in case you want to know.


this is all true, but several companies make also diamond files, if you have your heart set on a file that is. They are used like a honing steel for a kitchen knife, only they have a grit to them, rather than just realigning the edge...

ok thanks i will go get an oil stone

No it is not. Get yourself a cheap oil stone. $3.00 Or if that is too much a sheet of 1000 grit wet'n'dry sand paper. $1.00 You would be a steady handed man, to finish a knife correctly with a file.

Lftndbt's right. I am partial to the Arkansas stone, but others are good too. Sandpaper works well. Just leave the files to machetes shovels and hoes.

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