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Filing cabinet out of pallets? Answered

I would like to make a filing cabinet out of pallets.  I found instructions on updating a file cabinet but not how to build one from scratch.  Any help for a novice?



11 months ago

Dear Lynette,

What are your skills ?

Do you have a planer, drill press, sander, table saw, router or access to these tools ?

I have little to no experience, but I am pretty handy. We do have a sander, table saw, skill saw, and the little vibration saw.

You still need a planer or the cabinet will look like a Flintstone cartoon creation..

You need to be able to smooth the pallet wood.

Glue together edge to edge enough planks to make the sides of a 4 sides box, size it to suit your documents.

Add internal rails for the draws to sit on.

Make draws, a box without a lid.

Screw everything together at the edges.

sort of like this