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Final Fantasy 6 magitek armor! Answered

Hello, fellow instructables members! I was looking over Bug's steampunk chicken-walker mecha, and I had a most awesome idea. From the final fantasy game that screams "steampunk", I remember the cool walker mechas, the 'magitek armor'. See where I'm going with this? I plan to make a chicken-walker style Magitek armor costume! Now, I doubt my mecha will do the magiteks any justice, and I've never quite made a complete "costume" myself, save for a mashup medieval style outfit (makes me think of ike from fire emblem). So, if anyone has input, especially anyone who does steampunk, I'm all ears. Also, thank you again to the user "Bug" for the inspiration!



9 years ago

:o I cant help you at all other than to say...THAT WOULD BE SO TOTALLY AWESOME! DUDE FF-VI totally yelled steampunk to me too! :D Well good luck and whatnot :D


Reply 9 years ago

thanks :) i have some plans, and the one thing i foresee as the huge problem is the front. somehow i'll need to not only custom design it, but make it so i can attach and detach it easily. >_<