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Finally ! A million views !!! Answered

Finally i hit a million views !!!!  Whooohooooo!!



Congrats! I just got mine not too long ago.

I just realized I broke a million on my 33 instructables. Since I never look at my own profile I didn't see the medallion.....

Well done! I only just realised that I have not yet subbed to you. Thats odd, problem solved anyway now. :-)

Awesome job! And you have had 41k views since you hit!

+2, reaching a milestone such as that, is only a dream for me :-p

It took me a few years and like a 120 Instructables to make it so you are still doing fine as far as I'm concerned :D


Nice work! Congratulations! Kudos! Top notch! Good show!

Hitting a big milestone like that is pretty dang exciting. That 12x20 cabin has probably hit a views tipping point that'll make it MUCH easier to hit even higher view numbers.

I'm partial to the carpenter's coat rack myself, but apparently everyone wants a cozy cabin of their own.

I see the cabin instructable is now third highest in views in its category .. Thats awesome...

Its amazing how many hits the cabin has. A lot of people have asked me to make them a coat rack also. So far i have made 6. They sell like hot cakes !! lol



there will be more of the above once you hit two million.