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Find 50 bands in this picture Answered

Since there's a glitch on image notes, lets see if we can get all 50 bands in this picture :D

Tag them as you work them out, no cheating!

If you can't make it out, then the hi-res version is here. Just open it up and come back here when you find one :)


I was just wondering, how would you tag other peoples pictures?


8 years ago

This topic is epic, and should go into the pages of Instructables history* community sourced image notes ftw.

*even though it was a bug, it was fun. :)

I should get credit for discovering it.... =P

lol, I'm just disappointed. I didn't find slipknot or disturbed in there anywhere!

the best one in there is 50cent ;-) too bad they fixed the notes.

Ok, we know you like rap, now stop telling us.

this is amazing, hard finding nother pictures like this to do it again

Yeah I realised that after i posted it, but then i couldn't be bothered to change it.

OK, How were Kelsey, and Whatsisface able to determine which was a B-52, and which was a Jefferson Airplane?

Whatisface only boxed one of them, so I grabbed the other one :-)

Great :P


9 years ago

Hahhaha, awesome.