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Find the Hidden Harry Potter References and Win 1 Year of Instructables Premium Membership! Answered

I recently published my Witching Hour Halloween Window Display Instructable. Placed within the images and video of the Instructable are SEVEN hidden (and not so hidden) references and items relating to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I will give away 1 year of free Instructables Premium Membership to the first person to identify SIX of the SEVEN hidden items, extra kudos to anyone who can find all SEVEN.

Just list your six (or seven) Harry Potter related things and where you found them in the comments below, good luck!!



5 months ago

Hagrid's Hut
Deathly Hallows above door
Jaco o lanterns under window
Wanted poster on the door
Witch in the window
Cauldron next to the door
Dragon on the window sill

The 1 year premium membership is still up for grabs!

-Deathly Hollow above the door

-Wanted poster on the door

-Acromantula on the roof

-Cauldron on the steps

-The thestral in the window sill?

-Hogwarts background in the house

-Luna's windchimes?

Not participating to leave more chance for those who are new here, but I love the idea.
Promote your Ible count by offering free membership in return.
Win win on both sides LOL

Thanks, I missed the deadline for entering the Halloween contest so thought I'd try something a little different.