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Finding Recent Members Answered

Currently, I find new members by just going searching around the site and then if I get the impression somebody is new to the site I'll go to their profile to check, and if they are, then I welcome them. I've had reasonable success doing that so far, but if you can think of a better way to find new members, let me know!!!



8 years ago

im new

Cool, in that case,  welcome to instructables!!!

my 11 year old cuzin just joined i think his name is milleh2006

Cool, I'll have to say hi to him :)

I tried entering

+"Instructables Member" +"Member Since" +2010

into the GCS box.  It sort of kind of worked, but pretty crappily.

Holy crap!  You can use globs with Google search?!?  I cannot believe I never actually tried to do that.  That is awesomely awesomeful.

.  Yeah, I didn't think it would be that easy. I was expecting, at best, some kind of in-proximity-to operator with an obscure syntax. I just looked at Google Advanced Search Tips. I've never used it before (it took a little experimenting to figure out the leading/trailing spaces were necessary), but you can bow to my l33t search skillz anyway. ;)

.  PS:
     "Member Since: Sep 25, 2008"
finds all the ppl that joined the same day as Dr. Kelsey.

     "Member Since: Sep *, 2008"
finds all the ppl that joined during the same month as Dr. Kelsey.

     "Member Since: Apr *, 2010"
finds those that joined this month.

It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a ton!!!!!!!

Darn. I think I remembered instructables having a recent member search, like one or two years ago.

They did.  You even commented in Eric's original forum topic that the URL there no longer works.  The old graphical search used to have "People" as one of the filtering options, but that was dropped several months ago.

 which sucks...................kinda but i guess it was taken off for the same rason the answers was taken off the navabar

Maybe, but I'm not so sure.  The remove of user-search was many months before they hired the new designer and started mucking up improving the Web site.  Some of us think it may have been a privacy/stalker issue, but that's just random guessing.

Yeah, it's too bad, you used to be able to search them like you search instructables now.

Though with the new google search we can search members, but you can search recent members.

 awesome thanks for trying at least we have SOMETHING to work with