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Finding a 1.5"-ish color E-ink panel? Answered

I am thinking about taking my computer (Macbook) apart and modding it, and putting something on the apple on the back. I thought it would be really cool to have a small e-ink panel (low power) where the apple is to have as a clock or something. Anyone know of such a panel in color?

I could just use a small LCD but E-ink has way better power advantages so I would consider that first.



5 years ago

Any small screen you get will still need supporting electronics. Much of it will need to be fairly close to the screen meaning it will have to fit in behind the screen. I know there is almost no spare room behind the screen of a Macbook or in any part of the computer. So where where you planing to put the supporting electronics to run the clock?


Answer 5 years ago

Put in an optibay system (extra HDD where the DVD drive is, my DVD drive doesn't work now).
An hdd is a lot smaller than the superdrive so I should be able to fit in a small arduino (digispark?) in the space where the drive was. Maybe also a small USB hub (search tiny usb hub. Its tiny).
I see a lot of 1.8" serial lcd's on ebay. It'd be tight... but worth it!