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Finding a New Stylus Answered

I have an old record player without a stylus. The player is a Sanyo JXT 6440, called the "Stereo Music System", and the playing head/cartridge thingamajig is labeled "MG-28J". It used to work perfectly, however, at some point the arm was allowed ti drop down onto the turntable, and the stylus was bent, and eventually lost. Where is the best place to look for a new (or used in good condition) stylus for an old record player? Would it be more economical to dismantle this one and pick up a $15 turntable at the Goodwill store?



10 years ago

Look for a record shop and ask, look in charity shops(what are they called in america?)...also at recycling points/dumps at towns/cities. =)

-I think you're better off keeping the old one ;-)

Needles and styli are synonymous. The Goodwill store is a charity shop, only in the US they're better known as thrift stores.

btw aren't they called needles? :-/

. I found this place by Googling "Sanyo JXT 6440". Not a recommendation, just the first hit that looked promising.
. If you want to keep from destroying your records, get a new stylus. And clean your records - the cleaner the better. Lots of good cleaning info on the 'Net.