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Finding moss Answered

I am wondering where I can find moss outside. I am not sure if it is the season, or if there is a moss season. I live in San Jose, CA and would love to find some outside for free so I can start a cute jug terrarium. Any ideas or advice? 



6 years ago

If you aren't afraid of a little exploring, look underneath older bridges with creeks or ditches underneath them. Whenever I explore around bridges there is always moss somewhere.

Yeah, you put it in a jar or jug or whatever you think looks nice and maybe another plant depending on the size and the moisture keeps them watered. Thanks Kiteman, I'm going to have to go find some running water and trees! We should have that somewhere around here :)


You want to stick the moss inside the jug and make them live there?

@ Kiteman, what are damper areas?

Areas that are more damp.

Shaded areas, marshy areas, areas next to streams and rivers.

Oh, thanks, now I get it.

It's all about humidity and moist =)

Visit a wood, look to the damper areas, say all over the rocks next to a small stream.