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Finding out about forthcoming contests. Answered

I'm not sure if this has been asked before although I do seem to have a vague recollection of someone mentioning it.
Is there any way of finding out what contests are planned for say the next month or so?


If you subscribe to our author newsletters, you'll get sneak peeks into what we've got planned. :D

We send out one a month and it includes a contest calendar.

P.S. - You have to be signed up for the regular project newsletter (sign up at the very bottom of the page) and then once you've published an instructable, you get signed up for the author newsletter.

I already get the project newsletter although I sometimes have difficulty opening it.
I have published several 'ibles but I can't say I have noticed any author news letters in my inbox.
Is there anywhere on the site I can find the info I asked about?

I concur. I get the main email from ibles, and I think I've got one or 2 other newsletters in the past but I don't recall any "heads up" about future contests.... I signed up with most of the members that do the challenges. Am I missing something?


It would be nice to have some idea of the contests ahead of time. In my case, I can say that the "inspiration" doesn't always happen right away, and then I sometimes don't end up entering. Obviously staff, and CT members are hearing about the contests ahead of time as some are posting completed projects on day one (and that would be a real coincidence if they didn't know in advance).

There is also the chance of publishing something you have put a lot of time & effort into that if you had waited a few days longer to post could have qualified for a contest.
I know it's not the biggest priority on the site but it must have happen to quite a few people in the past & I'm sure it would be really annoying for them.