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Finding the center of an elipse (I guess) with random points on the circumference? Answered

First thing to note is that this is NOT an assignment for school, it is a real life issue.

I'm trying to make a collar for a little laser diode module which has proved to not be centered (as expected, it was only about £5). After sticking it in a lathe pointing at a wall (the wall isn't parallel with the lathe thus making it an elipse problem) and spinning it by hand, I get a wobbly circle/elipse shape which i then marked out on a sheet of paper to find a center point from which I can find how many degrees off it is which will allow me to make a proper laser re-alignment collar.


Fix your own problems.


That's rude. The Answers section is here for asking and answering questions, not chastising people for asking them.

How Idea laughed as I showed him what I was posting, before I beat him around the head with a 2x4 and sent him back to his squalid little garrett, where he is chastised by small boys with squeaky and highly irritating voices.


Do you brits even know what 2x4s are? all your lumber has wonky metric dimensions, also, I share that "squalid little garrett" with you and liz and *sigh* those small boys with squeaky and highly irritating voices. I honestly suspect that they have driven you past insanity, as will I soon enough (if I'm not considered it already).

Although, as I have just pointed out to you, the VERTICAL axis of the misaligned system is perpendicular to the laser, so if you make the measurement only in the vertical plane, you don't need to consider the ellipse...


I can't reply to the other comments for some reason, so I'll put it here - I didn't notice it was idea posting it...and Cam just reminded me he's your intern, and explained it was an assignment from you! Apologies. :)

My interning for Ravenfield has been explained a few times already, are you alright lith?