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Find/make frosted glass/plastic tubing Answered

I'm building an audio vu meter, and thought the LEDs would look nice enclosed in some frosted tubing, but I'm having trouble finding any. Something like a fluorescent tube would be perfect, but the coating on the inside of them rubs off fairly easily (is it phosphorous based?), and cutting these things open isn't usually recommended (they have small quantities of mercury in, I believe).

It's easy enough to find perspex tubing on ebay, but it's all clear - I really want something translucent, so that the LEDs give a glow of light, rather than a point.

Is there something I can coat glass or perspex with to create this effect? Or am I searching for the wrong words? I sometimes see the fluorescent tubes referred to having a satin finish, but that hasn't helped


You can get that spray light diffusing paint to coat windows for privacy. Use fine sandpaper to scuff up the exterior of plastic tubes. Glass can also be sandblasted or etched with etching products. Fill the tube with some kind of cloudy medium like hair gel or something mixed with mineral oil. Good luck.