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Finished with online German Answered

yeah!!!! done with online german!!!! just had to tell somebody... I can honestly say I've learned almost nothing from an online german course... But next year I get to be in german 2 and I won't be stuck with the same lame class i had this year. The principle actually had to come in for about 2 weeks it was that bad. As in students revolting, walking out the class, not doing assignments, etc.



10 years ago

du spreche deutsch?

du sprichst Deutsch*

Sorry, I had to correct you there.

Spreche is used in the "ich" form, or the "I" form. Ich spreche Deutsch. Conjugation is a pain.

Isn't it "Sprichts du Deutsch?" (after all, it IS "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?")

Yea, it is, and if we were all polite and formal; we would use Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Which just shows the beauty of this community. We don't have to be formal.

Huh; there's an interesting question. Has the use of the formal "you" decreased in spoken German since they were teaching me? (oh, 30 years ago now!) After all, "sir" and "Mr " seem less common in English than they used to be. What about in Gernan EMails and Blogs and such?

I don't think that formal speaking has decreased. If I recall, some Germans might find it offensive if you speak informally to them.

that's what my German teacher always taught us, always be formal, unless you know the person as a friend

yeah... es ist nicht sehr gut

do you mean "ich nicht sehr gut?" what you said was it is not very good

i meant that conjugates suck, they are a pain in the butt to learn if your not a native speaker

ich nicht sehr gut isn't really a full sentence either. It has no verb. It should be: ich bin nicht sehr gut.

Wie gehts? It was the title of the German textbook I had waaaaay back when. Did this online course have soundclips and how did it work to help you correct your pronunciation? Just writing or speaking a new language is pretty tough.

the online course had sound clips, but it was really bad because you couldn't change the rate she was talking at or the clarity. For example, it may ask you where the person is going. So in a sound clip there's a long rambling sentence, and at the point where it tells you where the person is going she talks really really fast and not very clearly. There's not too much feedback...

Bist du fertig? I had my German III final exam in school today. 93%!!

Ja, ich bin fertig I'm not sure I said that right, as i said before I learned next to nothing in the german course... that means finished right? I don't think I congugated that right... I never leaned that word, lol

You conjugated it correctly, no worries. I think...

Now, all you have to do is learn some German drinking songs. My German teacher taught us a few of them this year.

I only learned kiddy songs... Marmelade, Schokolade, Eisbein, Schnitzel, Blumenkohl, Salat. (Repeat) Ich habe Hunger, Hunger, Hunger, habe Hunger, Hunger, Hunger, habe Hunger, Hunger, Hunger habe Durst! Wo bleibt das Essen, Essen, Essen, bleibt das Essen, Essen, Essen, bleibt das Essen, Essen, Essen, bleibt die Wurst?!


10 years ago

My father was born in Germany. I took 5 years of German, starting in 7th grade. In 11th grade we read a German mystery novel. It was hopeless :-( I wish we had started out reading children's books; I might have had a clue. As it was, I learned a lot about grammar (in general) and a fair amount of written and conversational German, but I was very far away from being "fluent." Sigh. My daughter doesn't have German as a choice. Spanish, French, or Latin. She's opted for Latin. Spanish might be fun; I mean, we can get Spanish radios, Spanish TV, etc, etc...

Why were people revolting? Details! Details!

I'm pretty sure he went to the hospital well, I finished the hardest online course i ever took. they expected you to use words they didn't teach you and they said not to look at other sources. meh. i'd say about 200 assignments were done, i did about 250 between forgetting to save them, my computer crashing, etc. I'm so glad it's over