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Finishiing cord ends i am trying to make curtain tiebacks with 3/8 in. cord. How do I finish the ends neatly? Answered

I have tried burning the ends but the gold cord really unravels and the black end looks bad, plus i need to put a loop on the end and can;t figure how to do this. someone suggested jewerly caps. any suggestions


Perhaps try tying a knot known as 'monkeys fist' there are plenty of how-to's. It's designed for just this decorative purpose. It makes a relatively spherical ball at the end of the rope, and you can't distinguish the end.

the monkeys fist was made to throw from ship to ship to help pull across a larger line. but yes it can be decorative. kind of difficult to get right on the first couple of times.

A book I had with it said it was just a decorative knot. Totally makes sense that it was extra weight for launching rope. Thanks!

ya my grandpa is a big sailor he showed me how to make it.

depending on how the rope is woven you could try splicing a loop on it. it would look like the rope had a loop wrapped into it. I don't personally know how to do it but I've seen my grandpa do it for the ropes on his boat