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Fire Extinguisher recycling / re-purposing Answered


I run a fire safety company in the UK.

I'm looking for new ways to re-use old fire extinguishers. Maybe I could make a smoker/dehydrater from a large cylinder type?

We always have old fire extinguishers to get rid of that are no longer required. The ABC Powder type are a pain to dispose of, but provide different sizes of metal cannisters and 'mono-Ammonium Phosphate' powder, which could potentially be re-used as fertilizer.

Whist we do send 2kg & 5kg CO2 units away to get a rebate on new units we tend to have plenty of these available, should someone want to tinker with one. Possibly for the wind-chime / Temple Bell Instructables? or maybe to make a resin filled filter for biodiesel?.

If you live in the UK and would have a use for these untis let me know, you can always collect some from Bristol or Gloucestershire.



4 years ago

lamp base


5 years ago

I have repurposed one powder extinguisher as a water extinguisher. It worked. Although I fit it with a sacrificial anode before using it, it was not long before I retired it from that purpose. It's a steel canister, and I was a little concerned about it rusting.


5 years ago

hi I am interested in recycling these units, we can pick up for free. Please call A W Recycling on 07795082288

Cormac Hegarty

5 years ago

I am interested in using empty cylinders, currently we use new 9kg type, but now difficult to get as they come direct from China already filled with powder. Please call me
07951 650472


5 years ago


MFED Services provide a number of recycling services to the fire protection and security industry Including FREE extinguisher recycling. They even collect from Bristol and Gloucestershire for FREE! They are licensed and insured and you receive all documentation for your records. why not give them a call:

01293 769780


6 years ago

If you have any CO2 ones, I'd be willing to pay for postage/packaging/etc. I live in the United States.

I'm not sure what kind of cylinders you have in the UK, but the one's that I have are full aluminum (not typical) and are rated to 2760KPA.
Usually, they're a steel cylinder with monoamonium phosphate in them.
I volunteer to train emergency response workers, so I have a couple extinguishers I've gotten that are steel.
I noticed that immedeately, they rust when exposed to air, the ABC chem powder is corrosive!!!! The part that puzzles me is that they put a corrosive powder in a reusable cylinder made out of STEEL!?
ABC powder is hydrophobic, so cleaning it out with water is pretty much USELESS!
either filling with air and discharging, or just having a long piece of cloth (a tube sock cut open with a string tied to the top) and using that to clean the cylinder works.
From then on, you have a pressure vessel with a valve.
I don't know what kind of hobbies you're into, but you can use it to set off an airhorn or a train/lorry horn.
You can build a larger diameter barrel and make an air cannon. I post a basic picture of mine. It launches a toilet plunger about 15m and other things as well.
Let me know what you're into, and I can help you out.
I'm using a hand pump to pressurize, so I only get about 30/40 PSI.


7 years ago

I have just re-purposed one to make a small tank for my air brush compressor and it works wonderfully.

I didn't have the nozzle and had difficulty finding a plug for the end thread so ended up welding a metal disc onto the end to seal that off. The it was a simple affair to make up feet using saddle clamps for large 110mm storm water pipe

The inlet and outlet were simply threaded fittings for copper pipe connectors brazed and welded on repsectively. Also a drain plug is brazed on underneath

Keep in mind that my compressor can only manage 43 PSI, so I'm not risking high pressures.
For one with the handle still attached, which was missing on mine, you could most probably use that somehow for the intlet and outlet for something with higher pressure, though I would advise caution for anything higher pressure.

I lived in Bristol for nearly a year some 20 years or so back, nice place, still remember the Clifton suspension bridge and Ashton Court very well, for an Aussie though I found it a little cold in winter.

peace out