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Fire Glove Answered

Ok listen up guys, i have a science project and i wanna do this one thing really badly but i fear my hand might be badly destroyed in this process i want to make a glove where i could snap my finger and make a spark with some kind of flint and then hold a flame with a fuel source like timber or something... i'm thinking of buying a heat resistant glove so i don't get burned alive XD but any ideas would be helpful.


You know how to make armstrong powder? Make a powder out of matchheads and use red phosphorus powder on one ginger and then matchhead powder on the other finger

Maybe you can put the flint and steel on your middle finger and thumb, and add a piece of foil or steel wool to your pointer finger. The wool can be coated with a flammable liquid. the foil or wool can also hold petroleum jelly. I'm not sure if the sparks will be able to light them, but it might work.


3 years ago

ok,so i thibk the biggest concern here is making a glove capable of producing sparks. Once that is done, one can fill baloons with hydrogen, and produce sparks near the baloon(it must be tied so it doesnt go out flyng away).hydrogen filled baloons,when they are touched by a hot enough source(a spark from a flint and steel is more than enough), will pop the layer and then burst into a giant ball of flames! And thats how to roy mustang!xD

Be careful dude aspestos can be caused

maybe you could do a slightly dangerous thing and get melted flint and dip the fingers in it so when you click your fingers the sparks will be created.

hello, so any1 know if its possible to make a glove (yes like roy mustang's gloves) light, that can create sparks like the whole glove can create a spark if you rub the fabric together? i would guess what i'd like in mind wouldn't exactly be possible but get where im coming from? but after just sparks nothing else :P

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3 years ago

Cool man! Look I don't have it like that but I do have a flint glove or at least that's what I call it. My glove on top and in the middle has 1"x1" flint glued to a metal square and sowed to the glove, so when I'm in the out back alone I always have fire starting devices ready. Just make a fist in the area where the fire will be and strike it with my knife and wala, FIRE. I always bring some hand sanitizer and some cotton balls to help make the fire. I hope this idea will help you too. God bless!

did you manage to make one of these? or was it a lost cause. ether would be appreciative. There has to be a way of making it possible. If you used a fire proof glove, then some high melting point glue ( if it exsist) you could put firesteel filings on the middle finger and a rough metal plate on the thumb. put some zippo lighter fluid on your index finger and make the spark?

Hmm... Hip-mounted propane cylinder & control valve. Gas piped up your side, down your arm and to your fingertip(s). Small pieces of steel file (nail file?) on fingertips, flint on thumb. Turn on gas, wait a moment, strike thumb across fingertips. Even if only one finger-jet lights, if you start with your fingertips close together then one flame will ignite the other jets. However you pipe the gas from hip to hand, make sure that the last inch or so is non-flammable, probably copper or steel tube. Short lengths of narrow-diameter tube are available from hobby shops as fuel pipes for RC vehicles or steam pipes for steam engines, as are longer lengths of flexible tube for the gas.

That is very dangerous. Wearing a tank of any flammable gas is asking for trouble to begin with. Not to mention all the burns the person wearing it would get.

I wasn't saying it is advisable, only that it is possible.

. I think you're looking for a Nomex glove. It's not cheap, but well worth the investment if you plan on working with fire and other hot stuff. I'd go for one with a full length sleeve/gauntlet, just to be on the safe side - at least to the elbow.

A cheaper and better idea is to treat some clothes in boric acid, most fire performers wear clothes dipped in a boric acid solution, the internet has instructions on how to fireproof clothing with it.

He wants something like Roy Mustang's glove from Fullmetal Alchemist. To be honest I was contemplating this for the last couple days. Misch Metal filings glued to the middle finger of a glove with sandpaper on the thumb was one thought. You can buy a rod of it at magic stores online I believe though the issue is whether or not the filing process will burn out the chips and if they can be glued, how long will they last on the glove before one has to reglue more pieces? There is no _safe_ way to hold a flame short of dousing the glove in alcohol and snapping it, but then the whole glove would be aflame and may damage the sand paper or filings, still if you mean it for one time use it's an idea. Let me know how this turns out.

thanks, the flame alchemist did give me the idea, once and if it works I'll let you know

you welcome im going to go put isopropyl in peanutbutter and see what happens

whole glove would be aflame and may damage the sand paper or filings

If nothing else, it will damage whatever is used to hold them to the glove.

Yeah but you get what I was saying. Damage to what you don't want damage could occur :)

why dont you put the burning dollar without damaging trick solution on it so it wont damage the glove but it will still catch fire

the solution you speak of is isopropyl alcohol (the clear kind you can't drink that's used to disinfect cuts among other uses)

Oh yes, I was agreeing with you, and I just taking it a step lower, that the very least would be damage to the glue and so the result you mention would occur either way.


10 years ago

Perhaps a 50% alcohol, 50% water solution would work? A common "magic trick" is dousing a dollar bill in it and setting it afire. It will flame up, but not burn. Is that what you meant? Oh, and be careful.