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Fire Pole! Answered

My house has undergone some small renovations over the past two weeks, the best of which was just installed this morning: a fireman's pole for sliding down!

My boyfriend has also got the ability to climb back up... I have not yet attempted that.

Here are some pix and videos. The construction is not quite complete yet so it's still all sawdusty and unpainted - looks like a workshop more than a home, but you know it's at least half workshop anyway.

Down the pole:

Up the pole:


I wish I had a fireman's pole!


8 years ago


Actually, my basement steps are in need of repair and I was thinking of a spiral staircase, but this is just the ticket!  Searching for stripper,(Fire) pole now!

That is a very nice house, looks like a workshop, no safety railings and has a pole! :-)

I have always wanted a fire pole inside and outside my dream house-I love the thought of going from the 2nd or third floor balcony to the lower levels in a jiffy. And the other potential uses are to say the least intriguing!

Wow. I want to put a fire pole in my house (when I get one). How did you install it? Where did you get the pole? This could be an instructable I think.

Nice lookin house. Who's idea was the pole?

Oops, I didn't mean to bump that...instructables.com/home had it on the front page. That link always confuses me.

*chuckle* That looks like the ONLY way to go down to the basement of one's house though :-) I mean, if constructed in that manner....looks like fun until someone gets brush burns LOL

He climbs the pole like a lemur.

I was thinking that he climbed the pole more like a coconut collector. At least that's how I've seen people collect coconuts. That's gonna be an addition to my dream house.

You can come over and slide down my pole any time, fungus. (Ok that was way too soon to ... descend ... to that particular joke.)


(It's meant to be an eyebrow raised smiley)

Rachel, that's a nice pole, and indeed a nice loft.

hahahah you might have failed(just slightly) at that smiley. a better one would be O_o

That was a preemptive pun - somebody was bound to get around to it... :-D

Where did you get the pole?

The contractor bought it and I don't know exactly where. If I were sourcing it I'd probably check someplace like the metal warehouse I went to a week ago.

It's a steel pipe and we got a deal b/c it was pretty rusty. My boyfriend spent several hours with an orbital sander smoothing it down enough to slide on. In my limited experience, pipe is purchased by the linear foot and the vendor often will cut it to your specifications and tap threads on the end for you.

Wow, all is right with the world now. Fire poles for all!

i love it!!! when i get my first house ill be sure to include this!
// (-_-) //

A firepole?

In your house?

For fun?


When I was growing up my dream home always had a fireman's pole.

very cool im jealous :P

Dear Santa,

This year, I want not world peace nor a better president, nor anything that would benefit the world as a whole at all. This year, I'd like something different. I was thinking along the lines of a fire pole installed in my bedroom. Now, I know that time is very valuable, especially to you sir, but I'm sure you can accomplish it, what with your "magic" and all. I do hope you'll consider this more than you did my other wishes in years past.

Best regards,


10 years ago

are you a fireman, by chance?

I could have used one of those when I lived at home and had to sleep in a bunk bed LOL