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Fire wood burn time Answered

So I'll be camping in a State Park where you must bring your own wood. Does anyone know the burn time of firewood? We're burning pine and this is something I've never had to consider, as I've normally camped where you can cut your own wood from dead/fell trees... As we have a rather intense upstream kayak journey to get to our campground, we're trying to take "just enough" but not too little :) Thanks :)



10 years ago

Pine is fast burning (one of the fastest, pine sap is quite flammable.) Bring lots.The hardwoods tend to burn longer.

Pine ? As in branches or logs ? Or rather, as in pretreated pressed boards ? It is very much dependant on sap/water content (and outdoors is the only place you should burn pine or any sappy soft wood, as it will quickly gum up chimneys). It definitely burns faster and less efficiently then harder woods.

Are you allowed to pick up kindling, dry leaves, twigs etc? If you can do this, just take a storm kettle with you.

And having thought about it a bit more, how many fires do you need out of it? L

It depends, a lot. You can shift a lot of wood on a big fire, and keep a small fire going with very little. Wind will increase the rate of burning. Bring as much wood as you can, because you'll burn it all and some more. L