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Firefox 12 login loop Answered

I am running Firefox 12.0.  I click the link from your emails, and it takes me to the instructable page.  Issue one: firefox never remembers my username.  Issue 2:  When I click login at the top right of page, enter my info, and click login, it never logs me in!  I only see the Signup, Login and Facebook on the top right of the page.  I can't access my account, and I'm not able to Favorite any articles.  I couldn't even login to post this bug!  I would go to the bug section, click new topic, sign in, click new topic again, and I'm brought back to the login screen.  I'm also not sure if its supposed to have it or not, but the popup/splash screen to login has no "Keep me singed in" check box.  Everything works fine in IE 7 though.


This is more of a Firefox issue than it is a website issue. The first thing you should do is clear the cache in Firefox. (You want the website to fully load, and not from cached pages on your computer). The next thing that you should do, is check the settings for your cookies.

Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies

If you are using the option to "Clear history when Firefox closes", make sure you do not have "cookies" selected (checkmark in checkbox) under "Settings".

In the "Accept Cookies" section, you can have it set to "Keep Until: I close Firefox", however, you will need to add an "Exception" in the "Allow" list for websites that you trust (and want to keep and update cookies for), such as Instructables. (Simply type in: instructables.com)

Also, remember NOT to use the "Private Browsing" option when visiting Instructables, because through private browsing, NO history, or cookie information is saved. It also creates a problem with logins and time-outs on your logins.

Give those things a try first, and then login. Let me know what happens.