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Firefox bookmarks - is there any point still putting them in little folders? Answered

I've been a user of FF for many years, and have probably a couple 1000 bookmarks. More than half were setup in the old days, before I could search and tag them with the Wonderful toolbar or whatever they called it. They are saved in various bookmark folders.

The tag system is much more powerful. I don't think I have used the old system to store a bookmark for a couple of years.

Is there any practical reason to keep the old system, or should I just inventory and tag the old files ? How do other people handle topics in their bookmarks ? 

Any pointers, as usual, much appreciated.




Best Answer 8 years ago

I'm brutally bad at categorizing my bookmarks - and I use neither; I just have a huge indescernable list of links.  I actually never noticed the tags feature before, but I'll start now :D

If you're using one system, it makes more sense to categorize the old stuff.

Same here. 
Never noticed them before but now I've tried them I like them.

idk. I DO use folders to store related addresses though (Fun, Bills, Programming, Ruby, RoR, Rails, Python, Windows, Keyboard Hacks, Graphics, DIY, Weather sites, Bicycling, and a myriad of other folders....about 2k worth of various fixed references I count on somewhat routinely...). In fact I'd be lost without them.

If you don't need them, then no, but I guess I missed something, because I'm not even sure what the "tag" system is, or whether it would involve me being tracked even more than the advertisers do now, so...

off topic:
The only thing about FF bookmarks is that they've continued to use the old Mosaic method for storing them, which means they have no real external presence, which is about the only thing I like about IE...they're stored in actual folders in IE, so you can cut and paste a group you want to share with someone else...- I need to do that for a website I do work for, just so the owner can have access to the info searches for long term knowledge on his part)

How many of them still work?


Got a tool for that ? 
It used to be in the original Netscape Navigator.

Well that goes back a few years. Jayefuu might have a script?


I find the folders quite useful to open lots of things at once. I have a folder for news and a folder for picture blogs so i can middle click to check for new articles.

Yes, but you can do that with a smart folder created using tags.