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Fireproof Pictureframe? Answered

Does anyone know where to buy or how to make a fireproof pictureframe?


If you want the frame to protect the picture from fire... that's probably not doable. Sprinkler system (and a frame that will protect the picture from water) may keep things under control long enough for the picture to be rescued before the building burns down. A house fire can reach temperature of 1700 degrees F -- hot enough to soften steel -- and things on upper floors often wind up in the basement (which itself may be filled with water) as walls and floors give way.

If you aren't concerned with _displaying_ the picture, a suitable fire chest/fire vault can be obtained which will have decent (not perfect) odds of surviving. A "media chest" can survive the temperatures mentioned above for about an hour without letting the interior rise above 150 degrees F or allowing unreasonable amounts of humidity inside. Those do tend to be expensive per cubic foot protected, though. (The system Iceng describes, used for things like the Declaration of Independence, would probably work... but if you have to ask, you can't afford it.)

Frankly, this is a case where a valuables rider on your homeowners' or renters' insurance might be the best solution.

Glass will pass the heat - if your wanting to preserve a valuable picture install a sprinkler system.

Over in the colonies, they put an ancient document in a non-oxidizing fireproof gas protected framed enclosure that lowers itself down into a bomb sheltered safe chamber, when no one is viewing it or dangerous conditions arise.


7 years ago

Ornate aluminum channel can be cut and connected to form a light and attractive fire proof frame. Anodizing and patina can impart contemporary frame non fade coloring.