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Fireworks time delay? Answered

I want to set off a few fireworks on the night of my wedding aniversary, and rather than run off and light the fuse, or rely on my dopey brother, I was after a time delay with, say, a watch? So I could set it for 10pm and bamoo.. 10pm we outside enjoying drinks, and a few fireworks go up!
I have seen somewhere a guy light a match with a cheap electronic watch using a strand from a ball of steel wool, but I forget exactly what he did and where I saw the video now.. If I could copy that I could use the match to light the fireworks!

Any ideas like that would be great.



4 years ago

that is quite good but wish it was the answer i was looking for

The device you are thinking of is called an "electric match", or um, that's what Wikipedia calls it.

One way to make one is using a single bulb from a string of Christmas or fairy lights, specifically the old kind that use bulbs with tiny filaments, NOT the newer LED kind.  I noticed this 'ible:
in the related panel on the left there.

There are other 'ibles here on similar topics, since I think a lot of the authors here are bored teenagers, who like to set things on fire.  The usual words used to describe such contrivances, here on the Instructables pages, are words like "fireworks", "detonator", "ignitor", "igniter", and probably some good stuff will turn up if you do a search on those words.

Final note:  I kind of like Kiteman's idea of using a remote instead of a timer, and for that I recommend using a hacked wireless doorbell,
assuming the things you want to ignite are within the range of typical wireless doorbell transmitter.

I see the desirability of such an idea, but I strongly question the wisdom - leaving a load of explosives to go off on a long time-delay timer is very risky, because any number of issues could intervene and cause a hazard - faults could make it go off early, or a delay could end up with slightly drunken guests going to investigate and it all going off in their faces.

Much better to set the whole thing up, and have a remote trigger to set it off - you don't need to make a fuss of the switch, so it might just seem that the fireworks start by themselves.

+1, The last thing you want is a kid wandering up to the display, fiddling with stuff and it going of in their face or breaking it so at the set time it doesn't do off. Remember, the most dangerous explosive is the one that doesn't go off when it should have.

If you can't come up with a remote trigger, similar to launching a model rocket, then I'm sure you can find a responsible adult other than your "dopey" brother to be in charge of lighting them off. Regardless of how you light them someone needs to be in charge of keeping guests clear around the time of launch and if there is going to be drinking take that into consideration when choosing the person to supervise.