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First Bike Answered

What was your first motor bike you learned to ride on, do you think it is a good idea to introduce your children to motor vehicles at a younger age. My first bike was a 1980's Honda z50, i first learned to ride when I was 5 or 6


I believe that if you put a kid on a motorbike as soon as he can reach the ground, then have him ride until he can get his license, he will be a safer car driver than 95%+ of the tards on the road today. In fact, make everyone get a scooter license at 14 and spend two years in traffic on a small-displacement machine before they're even allowed to touch a Big Twin, let alone the two-ton unguided missle we like to call cars. The first bike I ever got to ride was a Honda 80, then I crashed a Honda 230 for a couple of days until a concussion made me give it back and go rest for a while, then I bought my current Honda 100. I taught myself to ride on the 100, and I'm trying very hard to get all our vintage Springfield iron up and running again so I can do more than just dream.

. My first bike was a late-60's Honda CB350. The only other bike I had was a Honda SL350. My daughter's was a water-cooled 50cc dirt/street model (can't remember if it was a Yamaha or a Kawasaki). . As with anything else in Life, the better you know how to do it, the safer you are. Practice makes perfect. Learn early, be safe. yadda, yadda, yadda. . My parents wouldn't let me have a motorcycle. Had to wait until I moved out of the house.

Yamaha made some liquid cooled 50cc dual-sports back in the late 80's or so. THey were pretty zippy, and fairly reliable. Wish I could find one for my 12 year old!

. For a 50cc engine, it was pretty peppy. In a pinch, it would carry two ppl, although it was straining to do so. What I liked about the bike was that it had a more-or-less full-sized frame and plenty of suspension travel. Ie, it was a "real" dirt bike, it just had a small engine. . The turns signals and stop light didn't last long. The only time it was on the road was the two blocks to the woods. Her Mom kept griping at her about tearing the bike up so I finally took most of the street stuff off. "It's a dirt bike, dear. Dirt bikes get beat up." didn't seem to appease her. heehee . Last I heard (about 8 months ago) it was still being ridden.

My kids both learned to ride at 6 or 7 on an old z50. I learned to ride on my cousins old Kawasaki 100. My first bike was a Harley 125, but it hardly ever ran. My first serious streetbike was a '72 Kawasaki S2 350. I used to ride it when my wife and I were dating. I still have it in the garage.

I'm currently looking for a bike. Need something cheap but reliable. Anyone in NM or willing to ship post what you have.