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First Day Interning at Instructables Answered

Today is my third day as an intern at the downtown SF Instructables office. I thought I'd recount Day 1 as a day-in-the-life!

It starts off with: "Don't come in before 10am" from Eric, and a mention from Noah (my more direct boss): "We recommend that folks bring their computers, a contractor trash bag, a good pair of running shoes, a banana and hard hat on their first day - that way, they are prepared for whatever challenges may await them at Instructables."

So I walked out to the office, found the robot-painted door wedged between the liquor store and the Mexican restaurant, and walked up the stairs.

It's one big room- open tables everywhere covered in stuff of all sorts: duct tape, paper towels, electronics, crocheted Pac-Man, a giant styrofoam face, an electric toaster. Everyone is at their workstations- one folding a 3D paper alphabet, another fiddling with a breadboard. The devs coding on one side of the room while walking on treadmills at the computer and DJ'ing the room.

Anyway, I walked in and looked around, and was greeted with a tentative "Hello?" from someone at a desk*. I clarified that it was my first day of work, and that cleared things up. Bilal, the artist-in-residence, gave me a shoulder tap, and I was welcomed by Eric and Noah.

*Apparently random strangers occasionally wander up the stairs. We now have a laser cut "days since a random stranger walked up the stairs" counter for the office.

Noah showed me around, introducing me to the editors' corner, the marketing team, showing me the rooms along the back wall: "Office, sewing/electronics lab, office, store room, office, prize room, woodshop/laser cut room, 3D printer. Probably ask someone before you use the 3D printer. Test kitchen, game corner."

And that was it. Back at his place in the editor's corner, he nodded. A brief pause, and then I asked, "Is there anything in particular I'm supposed to do?"
Noah laughed. "Good question! Since you're just here for the summer, you'll be doing a lot of making stuff. You can use any of the supplies, or if you need to buy anything, let me know."

There are a few other things I get to do, too. I can feature Instructables, and am encouraged to do outreach to people who aren't on Instructables but ought to be. But right now, most people in the office are working hard on entries for the Make it Real contest.

So I got to work. You can check out my page for the fun things I've begun to make here at the office.

A few other key points of the first day experience:
-2pm check-in: everyone in the office meets around the lunch table to say what they've been doing that day.
-Membership at TechShop- lots of fun toys for making things!
-Picking up things from the MakerFaire
-Getting project cards

Since then, I've gotten some fabric and done some sewing for a project I haven't posted yet and worked with CNC paper cutting, 3D printing, taught myself Google SketchUp and Silhouette, and have begun to list all the things I'd like to work on this summer

All right, that's enough writing. Time to make!



6 years ago

So are strangers left alive if I should come unannounced some day ?

Well, you might be used as a test subject. No promises on being left alive. But some people have wandered through and gotten tours...

COOL ! Darn I wish they were closer...I'd drop in and say All Right !

As do I, As do I. I could reset their counter!

"Don't come in before 10am"   That  may explain a lot about ibles HQ.

Hi, I am the quiet guy next door,  anarchist-in-residence. Pleased to meet you.  Just ask around the office, they've heard of me.

Congratulations! Now get back to work smashing those atoms! (Oh, sorry, channelling Mr. Burns there....).