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First Instructables here! Answered

Ever done your first Instructable and then not to have had much interest from others? Never really wanted to tell every one about it because that might be considered as "Advertising"?

Well, firstly, it's not advertising if it's not obtrusive and secondly, you're in the right place!

Post here the first of your many Instructables to come, give it's title, a brief description, a picture or two and a link. There's no prize (from me) but you will get a lot more views than previously.
Here's mine, it's a simple optical illusion that's not too hard to make (if you know how) and is an extremely easy way to make money at school, when people start asking "Can I have one?" and "Can you make me one?"

Just remember, feed back's always nice, comment on every one else's; they might comment on yours.

Hope to see yours!


Oh wow, that's great! I love how every one in the family is dressed up as well, I reckon you're deffinitely going to win! 4.10 stars already!

Thanks.  I would love to win, but it has been fun just sharing it with everyone.

Yeah, that's the whole spirit of the site! Very well done Instructable. I found nothing wrong with it at all

Nice, I recall seeing that a while (actually, a long time) ago. In Australia we have "Auslan", which is Australian Sign Language. There are subtle differences here and there but overall the same. I am only slightly familiar so as I can keep up with the girls when they want to tell a secret to a friend, and I want in.

Ok, click my name to go have a look at my first instructable
It's not really an instructable though..I wanted to make a slideshow but it wasn't working. I just put some pics of a few of my papermodels on it.

 Nice, you should try again to make a slideshow. Looks good, I hope you do an Instructable about how you did it!

ya ill try 2 figure it out, ill have an instructable for my next project

If this was sticky to the forum somewhere that new people could find it, might be worth looking into. Even a link inside the directions for Instructable posting would be a thought.
Just putting in my $.02.

Move along, nothing here to see...

New starters are unlikely to find this topic, but in principle it's a good idea. L

Evidently aiming at the wrong crowd...