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First Snow Of The Season! Answered

Yaay! Snowww!! What does your snowy area look like?


What state is this? WTF! I want snow.

Brrrr, we had a couple of dustings in Nov. and are back to the freezing rain again *sigh*

We had no dustings. GRRRR... We have cold rain, not freezing, though.

be thankful of that. When I went out to my car at 1 am this morning to go home, the car was iced over, and it was raining.....I really hate to have to scrape windows in the rain *sigh*

...but I don't drive. ;) I'd rather it just snow..

Well, there is always Maine :-) if you like snow...or better yet, in the snow belt of NY state, where the winds blow off of the great lakes and you get 20-40 feet of it at a shot :-)

What state would have snow like 24/7? I, so want to move there.

Northern Alaska. The pay is good up there, but then EVERYTHING must be shipped in...eggs, milk, etc. Prepare for VERY high prices and cold that will freeze your nostrils shut :-)

Anywhere, where stuff is sorta cheap? haha.

Not when the snow is constant and no one can grow anything themselves.... :-)

Ahhh....shoot. That sucks. What about colorado? I thought they had snow a lot.

They do, but then you asked for What state would have snow like 24/7? ;-)

but you have to wlak in the heavy snow then.

It doesn't snow heavily here.

Or in the arctic circles if you want snow for ever...

Pennsylvania. Don't listen to Plasmana. :D

I looked at your profile. Lmao. I'm in jersey. This didn't happen! WTF!!!!!!!!!

In surrey area, we got ice - everywhere, on roads, ponds, lakes, houses, grass, cars, you name it, it was all over the place...

I renember hearing about that on the news!

Now that sounds like a major pain to deal with

Yeah, but it melted of quickly.. :-)

You live in a warm state?

I live in the UK, in surrey, look on my profile to know more about me.

Clicking on Plasmana's username above would have allowed you to read his profile, which would have revealed that he lives in the U.K.

Alright then thanks for telling me.

Lucky you, We dont get snow in LA........

I just want to double check, I forget some things sometimes...

Anyway how is our home state doing? I was born there - in New Orleans

It hasn't snowed in Covina since 1928 or something.


Did you get hit, when Las Vegas had the one storm?

Didn't Las Vegas, have a BIG storm? Wouldn't California get hit, too?


9 years ago

It's been flurring off and on up this area.

I don't think Arkansas even gets snow anymore. We have spectacular ice storms, which let me put the old runner-sled to use.

This is what our backyard looked like last time it snowed


Man now that is allot of snow

in my area it would be actually

It's a lot for here too :D That picture's from December 14th or sometime around then so now it's all melted :(

That stinks that it melted but it may snow again soon.