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First can you use wool felt in a potholder? And if so dose anyone know were to get some wool felted? Answered

We have sheep and are near Chi-town if any one can answer me id be very greatful




8 years ago

Wool is one of the best fibers to use around fire.  it is naturally fire resistant and heat resistant so it will keep your hands comfortable and safe longer.

However, as previously mentioned, it will need washed fairly often and  WHen you wash it, unless you soak it clean and dry flat so as not to work the fibers against each other while they are wet, that wool will continue to felt and shrink every time til you end up with a ball in the end.  SO, cut your pot holders LARGER than you need them to be.  Consider using cotton on the outside, possibly using the cotton as a removable cover?  AND, if you're washing the wool every time, lay it flat and PULL it out each time to as close the the original measurements as you can.

IF you stitch it into the cotton cover and quilt it well, you will still have to dry it flat and pull it out, but the stitching and the cotton will be a sort of measurement of the original size and you will need to pull it out on each side til the cotton lays as flat as possible

HOpe this helps, Kitty


8 years ago

Thanks, we were not sure if you could even use an all wool batting or felt. As we are farmers we don't have time to play with felting our own wool but many people in our area are starting to want local made and produced items and foods.

Check at Joann fabric or a similar cloth/etc. store. Wool felt would be just fine for a potholder (although I'd be inclined to use it for batting, rather than the outer.

The only issue really is that felt isn't all that washable. Pot holders really want to be washed from time to time.

I've never seen wool used as a potholder, as most commercial wool contains a proportion of artificial fibre that will melt.

Pure wool (felt), though, from fleece, should be OK.

You can felt fleece yourself - Many years ago, I attended a fabric craft course, and we made felt in a very similar method to this website, but without the bubblewrap stage.