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Remembrance & Scouting items [Big Edit] Answered

[Major edit]

Oh, such a busy weekend - business suddenly picked up on my Etsy shop.

Badges ("pins" for you Americans) and woggles are now winging their way across the UK, and a couple to Canada.

Gunapult is up there, along with a load of Scouting badges and bird badges.  Also, Kitewife nagged me into adding some knitting-themed pins...

I've also got a Remembrance woggle which is proving quite popular.



That is an awesome writeup. It utterly *reeks* of British understatement -- somehow, I pictured the entire description in Donald Pleasance's voice...



I just hope it works...

(It's quite interesting to watch the activity as a seller...)

Yeah, something like 12 views per hour, keep it up!

I like this: “"No tags" because I made this myself. It never had tags.”