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First person to post gets a free year of pro! Answered

I have a year pro coupon, and whoever posts here first gets it!



Whats so good about been pro . i got 3 months free and i dont know what to use it for. downloading pdfs is about all i can think of . and i dont even know how to do that

So, what's the catch?

It's that the free year of pro is to Instructables.

for....someone that is not Pro? Or what? Another "free year" would be great for me....I haven't anything left over week to week to renew (whenever it is up for renewal). At least, not at the moment. :-)

Congratulations! You will receive your pro this friday since you are the first non-pro person to post.

'Cause my brother and sisters went on a netflix marathon for like, two days straight and now we have to pay overage fees on any internet that we use, and I have to find the pro coupon in my email, as well as I am using someone elses computer right now.

give me a week or to so I can get my internet back, long story. I will get you the pro. I would have preferred to give it to a non pro, but this works.

You may give it to whomever you wish, honestly. I wasn't really looking to do much more then bring attention to this thread as it seemed like it was being ignored.

If you need to renew yours, let me know. I have about three years of pro backed up, so whatever. Otherwise, this is still up for non pro members!

I finally found where I can view my time left ... and I have til June 2013 with a 6 month in reserve if I need it or if I want to give it away