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First robotics Answered

Hi im lego man from team 60 and i set up this form topic for people to see who from instructables is on a First robotics team. you can also post your questions here too. See the group:first robotics


I am beginner in robotics and I want to create a line follower+ obstacle avoider+ remote controlled robot and I am using the drive differential algorithm but I want to keep 2 common motors for the three circuits, I have got the three circuits ready and I want it to switch among these 3 circuits wirelessly. Please tell me a solution.

i have the three circuits that are the line follower circuit, obstacle avoider circuit and the RF circuit i want a pair of common motors for them and i want to switch between them wirelessly

You might want to start a fresh topic for that - this one is seven years old.

I'm a mentor for my daughter's FRC team. This year was our second year. We are still learning a lot but had some great successes this year. I highly suggest to anyone who is reading this that you attend and/or volunteer at a regional event near you. It's fantastic fun and amazing to see what these kids manage!

I volunteered at a FIRST State LEGO League in PA in January. This year's theme was energy efficiency, am I right? It is awesome how young the kids were, and the objectives they were completing with the programmed robot.

Now I am Helping run a local Lego League with my team to get them more excited about the competition and start them in more schools. My friend and I are designing a game to present to the members of my team and if they all like it it, it will be the game we use in the competition. (it is hard designing a game)

Cool I was in LEGO league in 4th grade it was great. That year was Mars mission i believe.