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First timer can't find the drafts Answered

Opened the editor for the first time, added text, photos, videos, keywords, and clicked a "save" button. Where is my draft? No link. My little account icon pops up a menu with a logout button, a new instructable button, and links labeled "You" "Inbox" "Feed" "Enrolled Classes" and that's it. None of these links produce a page with "Drafts" on it. The how-to's and FAQ's say nothing. I don't dare log out because everything I've done might vanish without a link. Where is it? Thanks.




Hi there,

If you click the You icon in the top right of the page, you'll see a menu that includes a link to your Draft Instructable. I believe this Drafts button will be added to main profile pages soon, so first-time authors such as yourself will be able to find their first draft easier. It's a little quirk presently that should be addressed soon on the site. Good question!

I'd show a screen cap of the menu that I'm seeing, but the "Add Images" button here produces no upload box. It merely darkens the page, but my menu looks like this.

You Logout




Enrolled Classes 4

New Instructable>>

That's it. That's every word on that menu. Not one of them is "draft". What am I missing? I'm browsing with Safari. Thank you.



Hmm . . the plot thickens!

I'll send you a private message with some more info, and we'll dig in a little deeper :)