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Fisher amp problem? Answered

I just got a fisher amp for my stereo system. I was playing music fairly loud when i saw a spark and the music stopped playing. I thought i blew my amp but it acts as if nothing happens. the lights light up with the song and all the buttons do what there supposed to but music wont play through any of the speakers. What happened and is there any way to fix this?

p.s. i have a fisher integrated stereo amplifier if that helps.



8 years ago

You probably _have_ "blown your amp" -- meaning blown or shorted out components in the power amplifier stage that drives the speakers. To determine what happened, you first need to figure out where the spark was. From that and some testing it should be possible to determine which components were blown by the short circuit. From that one can determine how much it will cost to repair.


Answer 8 years ago

. If there was a big enough spark to be seen, a visual examination of the circuit board and components may reveal a burnt spot.