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Five more to go! Answered

Rachel recently moved all of the guides I've written out of my account and into Instructables Guides and now I have an accurate count of my total Instructables: 95. Which means I'm just five shy of a full 100. Number 96 should go up tomorrow.

I have plenty more ideas to do and even a few that just need to be written up, but if anyone has any suggestions for a 100th Instructable, I'm willing to hear it.


I like DJ's suggestion.

How To: Melt K'nex and remake as something useful [/troll] :p

I bet if you dissolved them in acetone they'd make great napalm....

Successful troll is successful!

 Five shy.. sounds like we need another 5 in 5 days!

You up for it?

Sounds like fun, but not now. I have a little less free time these days.

Well, I would have to agree, things are busy at my end also.

How about a 5 in 5 weeks challange?

How about being the first admin on the site to post a knex project?

I was going to do that, but unfortunately my K'nex purhcase turned out to be full of mini-K'nex!  Time to hit garage sales and find myself some REAL k'nex...

Glad you want to participate.

It's quite a while until the next April Fool....

How about making Kitemans on a laser cutter?

Not much of a process there though, Kiteman's too easy.

Wait... that came out wrong.

How about a modification of one of the projects in "How to build your own Laser, phaser,  Ion Ray Gun and Other Working Space Age Projects"  (just watch out of typo's;  I believe the first project has a missing connection from the LM555 ic)

8 years ago

You also only have 174 more forum topics til you hit 1000.

Oh, man. Just 174? I'll get more excited about that when the time comes. At my current rate, that's still 2-3 months out.