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Fix a Broken Key Answered

Here's an interesting way to fix a key when the plastic loop on top breaks. It's a mini pouch with a key ring that the key can go into.

I probably would've just epoxied a key ring to it, but this looks a lot nicer, that's for sure.

Broken Key Fix via CRAFT


LOL I have a 2000 Camry and the key just broke. That's why I'm on this site!!!


looks like a mini purse.

Happened to my Lexus key... damn Toyota! Thanks!

good idea! If you found a way to add LED's, is audrino, AND is made out of duct tape, then this would become really really populaur :D

Well... some of us enjoyed it....

sigh for the above sighs

I've been trying to think of a pun to comeback yours for about a day now. :D

:-) well, not really a pun, but a question: why sigh, when a good cry will get you by LOL

LAWL! That made me laugh a lot more than humanely possible :D

Hey, it's not MY fault that that's what Instructables' community likes. It 'twas simply a joke, it 'twas...

Interesting idea: although the top of the key is not really just plastic, that plastic is a cover for the metal top (unless Toyota has gone REALLY cheap on us).

Actually it was really just plastic up there, which surprised me too, it seems like a silly shortcut to not make the whole thing out of metal.

For the price you pay for their cars, you'd think they would be metal, eh? *sigh*

I just take the rest of the plastic off and drill a hole in the metal for the keyring.

Throwing away the RFID? On older keys, that's safe, but not necessarily with new cars.

New keys on some cars have an RFID chip embedded in the plastic, with a reader as part of the car. It allows both keyless entry and potentially (e.g., on the Prius) keyless engine start.

None of the keys that I removed the plastic grip from had a RFID chip.

You must be dealing with more than five-year-old cars. A Google search on "Automotive RFID" or "keyless entry" will get you industry articles dating back to 2005 and both OEM and aftermarket equipment availability for nearly all major makes and models.

One time when I went backpacking, my dad and I went to put our stuff in the car. Apparently he left his key in his pocket when he slept and it broke just like this!!!