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Fixed Gear/Track Bike Conversion Answered

Hey guys. I just stumbled upon this group. Good stuff here. But lately I've been working on an old Schwinn Le Tour I have, and could you some help. I've stripped it down, cleaned it all up, but before I go and put it back together id like to find out a thing or two about converting it to a fixed gear track bike. It's got horizontal drop-outs, and in great condition. I just need some tips on how to do it, and opinions on the pro's and con's of the conversion. Thanks to everyone who can help me out.


Pro's - Nice riding on a track Con's - Punk's like me on 28 speed hybrid's are even gonna waste you on the street. I'm pulling apart an old racer, refurbed it and am about to re-assemble... I'll be tuning in to see what people have to say... :)