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Fixin up a crappy bike Answered

I just found a pretty crappy bike near the gutter it's been scrapped is missing both breaks a seat and is rusting any help on how to fix it up i'll post a picture up a little while later



10 years ago

Hey, if you need any old parts, just ask. I may have them. I got a trashcan full of miscellaneous brakes, derailleurs, and sprockets. I'll give you anything I've got for the cost of shipping it.


10 years ago

. Try to find a maintenance manual, exploded drawing, &c. Google is your friend.
. Take it completely apart. Taking pictures as you go will help when it comes time to put it all back together (especially if you can't find a manual).
. Remove all rust from the frame and any other painted parts. Sandblasting to bare metal works best, but sandpaper and a wire brush (and a lot of elbow grease) will do. Prime and paint.
. Clean all other parts.
. Remove and replace all lubricants. Make sure you get all the dirt out of bearings.
. If the chain is rusty, it can sometimes be reclaimed by soaking in light oil (transmissions fluid, kerosene, &c)