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Fixing a broken belt.? Answered

I've read many answers on how to fix the belt which I did do that. But my problem is the screw must of been missing from the beginning  and finally the belt came apart. So I need to know where I can get one of those small screws to repair the belt. Thank you.


Traditionally you'd take the belt to someone like a "cobbler" or other leather-worker and pay them to fix it.


Why not try a poprivit. Should work.

I don't know the specific kind you want/need, but sunglasses have small screws, and you can easily find the size screw you need in a department store or around the house. If the belt came apart, I recommend you get a new one or use hot glue. Hot glue usually fixes about everything.

Hope this helps! :)

What sort of belt is it _ crystal ball frozen today!


- Belt for your pants?
- Belt for your sewing machine?
- Belt for your car?

Psychic Cards are getting refacing...

The slightly smaller, neighborhood, hardware stores typically have a large supply of small screws in various sizes and styles.

I don't know the size that you need, but I find many tiny screws in electronics, watches, sunglasses and toys of all sizes and shapes.