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Fixing green laser lense Answered

Last year I bought a 5mw eBay laser (green 532nm wavelength) and it had an adjustable focus. I scratched the lens and it never focus right so I took the lens off. Now I am interested in fixing it again and I don't know how to get/make/buy/obtain a new lens for the laser. It always said it was 5mw but I think it was more powerful because it could burn through bags, light leaves on fire, pop balloons, light matches at 6 inches. This is what the laser looked like. http://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Power-Military-Adjustable-Focus-Green-Laser-Pointer-Pen-5mw-Silver-/281269467436?pt=US_Laser_Pointers&hash=item417cf7792c



4 years ago

Can you still see with both eyes ?

The green laser uses an easily adjustable high power IR laser with a frequency doubling crystal and another crystal to step down to the green light beam which is obviously putting out much more power..

You could contact that seller and ask if they sell spare parts.