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Fixing memory stick? Answered

I bought an 8GB HP memory stick a few months ago and it worked fine, but after installing a live operating system to it and re-formatting it, only 250MB will format. The rest will only show up in windows partition manager as unallocated space, and all the obvious options (create partitions or expand partitions) are greyed out. Any diea how to re-format it to get the full 8GB useable again?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Look for a free os called knoppix. You can run it off the cd without making any changes to your computer, and it has some nice troubleshooting tools. Once you have booted from the cd, run gparted. That is a partition manager. If any partition manager can fix it, gparted can.

If all else fails, get a new one. (I got a 16 gb at staples the other day for $10.)

I managed to find and install gparted from Ubuntu 11.04 virtual OS and used it to repartition it to get the full 8GB back. Thanks for your help!

I have a few versions of Linux running as virtual OSes in VirtualBox, I'll see if any of these have the partition manager you were talking about. I know memory sticks are cheap now, but I don't particularly want to have to buy a new one just because the partition is messed up. This was a "premium" USB3 micro drive anyway, not just a standard one.

Probably have to remove ALL partitions, then create partition with logical drive.

That's the thing, I can't change the size of the 250MB partition or the unallocated space. All the options are greyed out except format, and that only let's me reformat the 250mb partition without expanding into the unallocated space.