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Fixing up a old wooden opti? Answered

Me and a friend were given a free wooden optimist but, it was beat up with chipping paint and pealing wood. We want to fixit up and repair it to working condition, it also has a bunch of broken straps for the air bag any help or advice fixing it and repainting it. 


It should be very straight forward to fix as all the planks are flat.

Pain cleans off easily - If not too bad you can rub down with glass paper and then fill any minor dents and unevenness with a waterproof filler for your local DIY

Repaint - Although people have different opinions i have always used normal household gloss paint - I expect to re-paint or re-touch every couple of years - It works for me and is a lot cheaper then products sold for the boat market.

Don't be fooled by so call yacht paints you can get in the DIY shops - It's just a trade mark not a qualification.

Straps and the like pay a visit to the local scrap yard and get some old car seat belts - They should let you have them if you explain what for and cut them off the reels so they can't be use in a car.

I have build a nd repaired several sailing dingys over the years and its a real enjoyable occupation

BEFORE you sail ensure you all have a buoyancy aid - don't be tempted to sail without one.