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Flagging Spammers Answered

How do I flag a spammer with the new and improved interface?


You are correct, sorry about that. They are not showing on forum comments yet, which is a known bug and will be fixed.

I would be ok if it was an actual "bug", but it really is an omission and oversight. I can view the innards of this page quite easily using inspection and see no evidence of a broken "Report Spam" feature as described in my post.

(nor any other linkage to report posts for other reasons in community)

If I were you I'd fire all your testers, they have done an appalling job.

Nope. Have you actually tried ? It seems you have assumed it works, like the Instructables designers.

Sorry, I do not see any flag button or link on any of the comments in Community.

Last night, I saw a spam message in this area (in Portuguese) for some sort of scam. I couldn't flag it as spam under the "new and imporved" interface