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Flashlight Belt Buckle! Answered

I just joined Instructables, so hi everyone. How are you.

Anyways, I had a most wonderful idea to share with you all. A flashlight that also functions as a belt buckle, and vice versa.

Basically a headlamp light turned into a  belt, or just attached to a belt. This was you can see where you're walking/running when you are being chased through a forest by zombies.


Too late people...I had one of these when I was a kid. I found this actually googling them to see where I could get one. It was the greatest accesory EVER. Please let me know if you find them.

Question,  wouldn't it be difficult to see well in the dark, if you were running with your only light source on your belt? I would think this would dance about quite a bit.

I would go the superhero route and use a light-up logo like Batman or Green Lantern.  You can unclip the light to use as a handheld light.  Look through some of my light up instructables( just click on the highlighted username to see profile list) and see some of the things I do with a dollar store bicycle safety blinker light. Do something for the Light up contest.  Good luck.

Well,  develope that idea into and instructable then.
I would advise against standard incandescent bulbs and the need for larger batteries.  Maybe some super bright LEDs would work with button batteries? 

BTW:  Welcome to Instructables :-)