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Flattered Answered

Im really flattered that your instructables robot thinks my ible is worth 2 free pro memberships, but I think he might have had a computing error;) ow and small question do the free memberships stack? I got 2 codes+the one that the robot bugged on, so if I activate one does in lengthen my pro membership or does it just reset to 3 months?

Knut Knackebröd


If you get more than one code, you can redeem them both and they add up (2x3 months = 6 months).

You probably deserved both. (We released like 5 software fixes yesterday, so the digital ponies we use to deliver the PMs might have gotten confused about their destinations.) Enjoy or gift the second pro membership to someone else.

ah, I just notice, I didn't get two code but I did get two mails(both with same code). So I guess its just the mailrobot that got a bit confused:P