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Floating radio power usage? Answered

I am building a floating radio to take on a float trip. I do not know much about power usage. I was going to use a car or deep well battery for power. I was wanting to run (4)-6X9 speakers, a amp, a 10" sub, and possibly some LED lights that would beat with the music that could be shut off during the day. Is this to much drain on the battery? The float lasts all day and I was concerned about draining the battery before the trip was over. I was told by the local Marine shop that once I start adding amps andor subs the power would drain much quicker. Any suggestions on stereo, speaker, sub, amp, size or the number of things I could run would be appreciated.


Adding speakers won't increase the battery drain noticeably.

But adding an extra amp will.  How much depends on the size of the amp.

You might try the second hand shop and find a really big boom box that works on batteries and use that as a start.  Most of the book shelf systems only use 12 volts or so but not all of them.  I've seen shelf systems that used 48 volts for the amp.

Isn't a float trip supposed to be about relaxing out in nature?  Do you really need all that power?  Have you checked the regulations?  Several rivers in Texas don't even allow anything more than personal radios so the other people can listen to nature.  I'd hate to see you build this thing just to have to leave it in the car when you get there.

.  Great answer. If you have to have your loud jams, maybe a float trip isn't for you. A concert might be a better choice.
.  Adding speakers can have a noticable effect on battery life if one's goal is to get the most volume out of the system. Doubling the number of speakers can (almost) double the power output (depending on amp design and assuming all speakers have the same impedance). At the same volume levels, there will be next to no difference (as long as all the speakers are aimed directly at you).