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Floating sparkles Answered

Hi guys!
A few days ago I mixed in some sparkles with borax slime (oh, gods, the smell!) and perhaps foolishly assumed that the thickness of the slime would keep the sparkles from settling for at least a month, since they are rather light and all that. Alas, it was not to be. Four days later and most of my sparkles are at the bottom of the jar.
Question: Does anybody have an idea or suggestion or anything to keep the sparkles where they are?
Thank you!


Why do you need the sparkles to stay put, and what else is going on (lights? statuettes?)?

it's a jar with one LED on top of it. I stuck it to the box where the battery is, so not much shaking is possible. I tried shaking it and the sparkles don't wish to move despite my best efforts.

Let's see...

Wallpaper paste?
Casting resin?
(A lot of) hot glue?

Really? Wait, disinfectant like peroxide or something else?

Yes, or drop of bleach, anything that will make the mix slightly toxic to bacteria.