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Floppy Disk Converter? Answered

How does a Floppy Disk Converter work? Heres my problem. I have recently bought a laptop which has Windows Vista. I have an old desktop computer with Windows 98SE. I have no floppy disk drive on the laptop. I want to save the material on the floppy disks onto a USB memory stick. I bought a USB that works for Windows 98SE only to find that you need to download drivers for it from the Internet before it will work. So I plugged my Broadband connection (which is from Vodafone) into the desktop computer to get an Internet connection only to find that the Internet is too new a version for Windows 98SE to read so therefore I cant download the drivers. Also I thought I could save to CD and then put the CD into the laptop to save them to the hard disk but the desktop only has a CD-ROM whereas the laptop has CD-RW. So that wont work either. So I was wondering if a Floppy Disk Converter would be the answer to my problem. Like do you just insert a floppy and a USB into the Floppy Disk Converter and transfer the files. Do you need to connect it to a computer. Sorry for rambling on but I have so many questions about it and I really want to know before I go out and buy one only to find that it is also useless to me. Thanks


You can buy a USB floppy drive that will connect to your new laptop. Roughly $30-$50, and I'd even return it the following day if I'd done it. The other alternative is networking both computers with a router (if you don't have one, a cheap one might cost less than the floppy drive) and using that to update your desktop and even transfer the files.

No matter what is stored or on which form it is stored, it's of use/importance to the writer. So, I hope you find an answer. I have some floppies with photos of family and friends, some of whom have died. I never thought about the no-drive problem, until last week. Please let us know how you solve this situation and best of luck, Cordially, Nehmah

The question-asker was an anonymous guest. They don't always return or mark a best-answer. In your case, I highly suggest that you transfer all your floppy-disk data onto another media ASAP. Floppies don't often have a predictable shelf-life. I've had some that lasted years of constant abuse, and others that were unreadable after sitting on the shelf for a week. There are lots of choices on how to do it, you need to find a computer that has a floppy drive and at least one of the following: a CD burner, USB ports (and drivers for flash memory), or network capability. It'll be a fairly simple process that varies depending on which equipment and media you wish to use. The options I mentioned aren't even a complete list as there are more advanced methods available. If you have a newer computer without a floppy drive, I highly recommend buying a USB floppy drive. There's no screwdriver required, just plug it in.

If the laptop has a CD-RW drive, it should also be able to burn plain recordable CDs, that way you could transfer the driver software (Just google Windows 98SE USB Mass Storage Driver). If both have a network card - looks like a kind of fat telephone cable (pic) - you can buy a $2 crossover cable that will network them together and you can transfer files. Or you can purchase an external floppy drive, as GuardianFox said.

What have you got that is only stored on floppies?
I'd just find another machine that has a floppy drive and USB that works - can you do that?