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Flowchart Programs? Answered

I have had enough of making flowcharts from scratch and despite there being thousands of programs available, I have yet to find one with the following abilities.  
-Make chart automatically, size/formatting based on number of connections
-Take inputs from a list, for example I put in all the words, then I can add tags to three categories, incoming, outgoing, and bi-directional connections which link similar parts.

My current example is a list of 60 words which have various relationships.  They range from bonds (ionic, covalent polar, hydrogen...) to carbohydrates.  It would be great to just put in the list and tag the words that are related, so when I put in bonds, I could tag the different types.  If I put in carbohydrates I could tag organic compounds.  Then it could be put into a visual flow chart.
If someone gives me the answer google it I would be quite frustrated, I have been through many pages of results to no avail and I have tried many "automatic" flowchart programs.  I know making a program to analyze connections wouldn't be too hard, put I have no idea how to make a program with customized graphics, let alone an automatic one. So making one isn't quite going to work.



Best Answer 4 years ago

I think you are looking for the wrong thing.

From your description, you should be looking for concept map software, although you may also find spider diagram or mind-map software useful.

Similar, but mind-mapping and concept-mapping are not exactly the same.



Just 2 automatic mind mapping programmes Google throws up.

I won't look for more because I don't want to frustrate you too much.

I apologize for sounding like that, but I just get tired of being told to google exact words from my question. In the case of this, I may have more luck with a mind map, which is the kind of answer I was looking for, a different thing to search for which I haven't heard of. I will look into that second one, but still everything I found so far even with a mind map is sadly very linear without a web of interconnections.

Prepare to be frustrated then - You don't tell us your platform, budget, etc.

You are unlikely to get a programme that can devise your flow chart from a list of words as it would be impossible for the programme - without being programmed to know how you want them linked.

netted me 100's of available programmes.

As I said before, I am quite frustrated by the google it answer. I have tried many out of these "100's." Platform = windows 7, which is about 47% of all computers and windows holds 60 some percent in general. I tend to believe windows is assumed unless otherwise stated. Budget, I don't see why it matters to you, so I'll just say, if it exists somewhere it may be worth a good sum of money. Impossible for the program? No, it is as simple as using algorithms ect to tell the program how to organize it, fill it in from the center with constrained edges and change size based on number of links, keep like links together. Its simply a more classified version of a collage maker that draws lines automatically.

Is this more like one of those mind-map things you're looking for perhaps than a "flow chart" ?