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Flower Contest Winners Announced! Answered

Instructables is happy to announce the winners of the [/contest/flowercontest Flower Contest!].

Flower of all kinds were submitted and we were thrilled to see the creativity involved in each one. This contest also looks to have brought in some new family members related to users who have been here for a while. Kitewife joined Kiteman, linuxmom joined her son LinuxH4x0r, and Lil Mrs. Rig It has joined Mr. Rig It.It's great to see that the DIY spirit thrives through whole families and across generations. It's a beautiful thing.

OK, on with the winners!

First Prize

The authors of these Instructables will each receive a Fiskars Bypass Pruner and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.

How to Make an Easy Inverted Planter
by laminterious

How to make paper daffodils and narcissi!
by stinkymum

Flower Whirligig Robogigithingy
by caitlinsdad

Second Prize

The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt.


Good grief.

I will never here the last of this; she has now entered two contests and won prizes in both.

Although, as I type, I don't think she ever got her copy of Craft magazine?

Ahem: Good grief?

Reaches for rolling pin

That one was good!!

Wait.....is that their last name? -GASP- Is it really??

Astute detective work would confirm or deny that fact. Try youtube.

Hope you don't mind I included it...you did put it on the internet.

Since I'm so helpful, sure! :D

Kiteman has embedded some of his videos on this site. By following the trail back to youtube, we find out his username is "Thelangfords" or something like that, I don't recall exactly. As further verification, on their userlookup, it gives his age as 40-same as Kiteman.

Ah! Chalk up one point in the coolness list for Adrian Monk! I've got some investigating to do....

Lol, I can't find him anywhere else, though I have diligently searched for teachers in East Anglia, no joy so far...somehow I think of his first name as being David, but that's just a wild guess...

David Langford is a successful SciFi author and journalist. I almost met him once. Unfortunately, he is no relation.

His home page

What's very weird is, because I prefer to use the name Kiteman online (that's a hint), when I google my real name I find a lot of news articles about me committing fraud, or dying.

That is genuinely spooky.

Let's see, is this your homepage? I don't think so?

You own a mac. Running OS 10.

I don't have a homepage, unless you count my pages on the BBC.

I figured that, and I have googled Kiteman, to no avail! I'll try it again though...

No, I meant I prefer to be referred to as Kiteman online. YouTube is the only site where I use my surname, and that's only because Kiteman was already used.

Oh! I see! Sorry then. Want me to remove the comment and cartoon?

No, it's not secret, I just prefer to reduce the risk of stalkers (I used to use my proper name when I wrote for the BBC, had a few problems).

Um....how bout you just ask him. My bet is that his name is Rusty. Yup. Rusty S. to be exact. Rusty S. S.

Good old Rusty Shackleford Shangleheimer Langford.

That's right Kiteman! I know your real name!!!

Shackleford. That reminds me of Sir Ernest Shackle'ton'. Ever read about him? Amazing guy...


Your thumb came off!!! Then you put it back!!! How did you do that?!

You know, there are still kids in their teens who fall for that, but my two boys never have?

DUH! They;re you;re kids! Means that they analyze situations....Once at a birthday party, a clown got angry because I saw through all his magic tricks.

Hmm, not always.... I have found in general that children, especially some very young children are harder to fool with magic then adults. In fact, on the average, I would rather have an audience of nuclear physicists then an audience made up of 1-5th graders while doing a magic show. The poor scientists tend to see the unexplainable and the conflict becomes unresolvable...while a child has no preconceived ideas and many times will see "what is really going on". I have seen this over and over again. :-) But if you like to watch magic, do not look for the answer as to how they are done....believe me, you will be SORELY disappointed.

Not a Bot Side but it seemed appropriate...


Oh, and congratulations! Keep it up, I still say one day you will be more well known than him! :)

and promptly corrects significant other on the typo in the comment whilst discussing the correct usage of homonyms...

Hah, it took three re-reads before I spotted it. I ought to higher proof reader...

higher....that had to be on porpose LOL

did you mean like it wasn't dolphin-free, there had to be a porpoise?

Oh, and well-deserved congratulations to the other winners!

Congratulations to everybody! ~~Except for caitlinsdad.~~

Since this is turning into a family show, when does Caitlin get her own account?

She doesn't look like she's 13 yet...

You'd be surprised. I teach 13-year-olds, and they all look either 9 or 16.

I'm (going to be, when summer ends) in 10nth grade. Yet people think I'm going to 8th grade.