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Flugtag world record Answered

Red Bull's Flugtag event is normally an event where the focus is on ridiculous contraptions falling into the water. But sometimes people actually do come up with ideas that actually get them some distance. Here's a video of the new record of 207 feet set by Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies. For comparison, the second video shows a typical Flugtag launch.

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Question: why does an American event have a German name? (Flugtag = fly day in German.)

They hold them all over the world - there was one in London fairly recently. I'd much rather be dunked into the water in Miami, though - less oil grime and dirt, far warmer, and less muddy. More alligators, mind you...

then again, there was that BP oil spill near miami

Aside from the US having a large population with Germanic ancestry, if you google for flugtag, the first hit is this event.

That and the fact that Red Bull is an Austrian company probably had something to do with it.

We need some Instructablers to take part next year...

.  I would be willing to make a small financial contribution" to a suitable team of Iblers**. Just compete and have Ible's URL on the craft.

* 20-50 USD
** Reasonable chance of actually flying in competition. Being on my Subscriptions list is a big plus.

How about an adapted scissor lift?

Instead of both legs pivoting, one is fixed, and the other is a long lever.

Eric (possibly wearing some sort of winged suit) sits on the top platform, and the other four team members jump and pull down.

The lift extends like one of those comic extending boxing gloves, and throws Eric far across the water...

red bull catapult.jpg

How? If it's a lever operated by muscle power, it's not "stored energy".

>considers formulating and articulating a coherent biological argument that it is, in fact, stored energy, at least for some definitions of "stored" and "energy"<


Wait can you store energy for a short period of time or does it have to be instantaneous?

Well i was thinking that you could make some sort of air chamber and pump air into it then launch eric, but even if you cant do that for this you should still do it for kicks and giggle...

It would be against the rules for Flugtag, but definitely a giggle to watch.

Yes....Yes it would.....Maybe for his Christmas thing he usually does? (He did the The christmas blaster last year lol)

Wait i guess fungus amungus made it and shot eric with it https://www.instructables.com/id/Christmas-Cannon/

I simply looked at the picture and assumed it was stored energy. My fault. I see your idea now, and it makes sense. That said, it wouldn't go far under only human power.


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I always figured it would be fun to try something like the Wind Glider (can't find any images of Nausicaa flying it in the takeoff position, ie hanging underneath it, but I think that would be more realistic).  

You'd need some hot-wire-cut foam, something to reinforce the wing (a carbon-fibre or bamboo pole) and some handles, and a lot of work balancing it so you can fly it hanging underneath the centre of lift.

I don't see how they get to use the stand, incidentally- surely if part of the craft hits the water right underneath the dock and separates from the "plane" that is cheating?  I thought launchers were only allowed providing they stayed on the pier.  Why not make the stand twice as tall and get even more altitude on takeoff?  Why not shoot the pilot out of a cannon you then throw into the lake?

The rules state a 450 pound weight limit, 5 team member limit, and human power only. The distance traveled is from the edge of the launch point to the spot where the pilot hits the water. So the winner clearly met all those rules. You can't use any form of stored power, such as a slingshot or a cannon. It must be all human power. You can use a propeller, but it must be dull, and you can pedal-power the propeller, but not the wheels. http://www.redbullflugtagusa.com/Rules.aspx

You know those cycle-based gliders?

Have one with a fairly heavy rear wheel (tyre full of lead shot?), with the wheel propped off the ground on a stand.

Pedal madly to get the wheel up to the highest possible speed, like a flywheel.

Kick away the stand, whilst still pedalling, and tyre-screech of the pier...

That's against the rules. As I stated above, the pedals can't power the wheels.


In that case, you pedal up the flywheel and then dump the energy into a propeller with a friction clutch, whilst at the same time four other members of the team push the launch-tower forwards.

(One way or another, we need to get Eric falling into deep water, in a silly costume, on national TV.)

We would blow that last record... out of the water.

if any one from instructables who had a moderate amount of knowledge on aviation would destroy that record, do the same thing they did with the stand, but make the wings on the plane 20ft longer to each side and you could get a huge amount of lift if the craft was light enough. also i would of used balsa when possible, and aluminum tubes for the main frame, and found a steamer so i could make the supports for th wing thinner and hollow.

If they bring it closer......

I have a grandpa who knows all about Aerodynamics i could get him to help out if were still considering this whole flugtag thing.=)

Go for it - the more people entering, the better.

We could create an ornithopter that is powered by pedaling it wont keep the plane up forever but it will drasticaly increase flight time and with the proper weight placed on the front of the plane we could create the right balance of lift and movement.=)

If it wasn't for a lack of space and money, and because it happens too far from home at the start of the new term, I'd be well up for Bognor Birdman.

I have never heard of this. It is absurd. I love it.